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Do you want the Boise State - Idaho rivalry game to continue?

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Never underestimate the divisive power of WAC Media Days.

What began as playful ribbing between Robb Akey and Chris Petersen turned into an all out flame war once BSU President Bob Kustra got to talking. Calling Vandal fans inebriated and uncivil? Rec'd.

Kustra and Petersen made it clear where they stand on the BSU-Idaho rivalry in the future. But what do you think? After the jump, I'll give you my take on the game and open it up for your feedback. Will this year be the last Boise State - Idaho game? Let's discuss.

To recap, Bob Kustra hates Vandal fans just as much as you do

Will the Boise State - Idaho rivalry game continue? Not if Boise State's president gets a vote. His words to the Statesman editorial board were - how do I put this - awesome. According to Kustra, the rivalry ends this season because ...

  • Idaho fans are nasty, drunk neanderthals.
  • Idaho fans do not respect Boise State academics.
  • Idaho fans act like children - nasty, drunk children.


Idaho alumni, class of 2025. (via

Can't say I disagree.

Do I want to see the Boise State - Idaho rivalry game continue? Let me ask myself

The game might not make sense for school administrators and coaches, but does it make sense for fans?

Let me start off by saying that I agree with everything that Petersen and Kustra said about Vandal fans being belligerent, insensitive, inebriated tools. And I really want to follow them to the ends of the earth on this topic. But I can't.

I want the Boise State - Idaho rivalry to continue. I think rivalries are healthy for fanbases, even if the opposing fans are the worst people you could ever meet. Having a natural rival with a history and tradition like Boise State and Idaho share is something that you cannot just replicate on a whim. Will there be the same intense distaste for BYU? Can I hate TCU with the same passion? Not for awhile.

If my Bronco stock is worth anything (and I'm starting to believe that it is not), I would vote to keep the Boise State - Idaho rivalry going. It is good for the state's economy, it is good for both fanbases, and it is good for a free win every year. I can stomach taunts of "Boise State Junior College", especially once The Streak hits the 20s and beyond.

National fallout

Kustra's comments got play on a national level, and it seems like public opinion is skewing one of two ways.

  1. Correct. Idaho fans are the scum of the earth.
  2. Boise State is as petty and fragile as they come.

The latter is the one that concerns me the most, for obvious reasons.

Your turn

Do you want the Boise State - Idaho rivalry to continue? If so, what do you want it to look like? Trips to Moscow? All games in Boise? Share your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to vote in the poll.