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Mountain West getting rid of divisions in football

Mountain West Football Championship - Boise State v San Jose State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In a move that in no way will be controversial, the Mountain West Conference is shifting away from divisions in football.

The Mountain West announced Friday that beginning with the 2023 season, the league will eliminate its two-division format. The two teams with the highest Conference winning percentage will compete in the championship game.

Without “doing the math” regarding Boise State’s history, one can only assume that this ensures Boise State’s continued presence in the game going forward (that’s a joke, mostly).

One of the possible outcome is Boise State finally avoiding playing so many dang triple option teams every year (I am counting one as too many). Another possible outcome is Boise State seeing more historical rivalries rekindled (Fresno State, UNR, and Hawaii).

What is nice is that this will allow for some more flexibility in scheduling and a more clear-cut way of representing the Mountain West. There have been times where all the “good” teams have been in one division while the other was... not as competitive.

It’s too bad that this won’t be starting for the next season but at least we get to see it in 2023.