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Wizard of Odds takes another swipe at Broncos

This is just getting ridiculous.

The Wizard of Odds has posted another video about the Boise State - Oregon game, this time pointing fingers at Jeron Johnson's late hit in the fourth quarter. Last week, the site went after Ellis Powers for his hit on Jeremiah Masoli.

We have five words for this "Wizard" guy: You are a horrible person. Three more words: Leave us alone. Fifteen words: Your site looks like someone pooped a bunch of glow sticks onto black construction paper. Two words: Marty Tadman.

We wrote several other words in the comment section of his post, and we encourage all Bronco fans to do the same.

Read more: Busting the Broncos for cheap shots [Wizard of Odds]

Oh, and the New York Times thinks we're trash, too, so we've got that going for us.