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Farewell, reputation; major website calls BSU "cheap"

We had hoped to put this whole Ellis Powers hit behind us, but the blogosphere was not quite done tarnishing the good name of the Broncos.

A site we visit with regularity, the Wizard of Odds, had a post up yesterday titled "Boise State Cheapie" and contained a video of Ellis Powers' hit on Jeremiah Masoli. Our first reaction was outright anger. And every reaction after that has been the same.

Instead of getting all the facts from the situation, it appears that the Wizard simply opened his email inbox, saw a video of a big hit on a quarterback, laughed heartily into his pudding cup, and bought into whatever lies the email sender sold.

Emailer: "Hey, Wiz, check out this cheap shot from a Bronco player. These guys are trash. By the way, I love your site."

Wiz: "Hey, this guy likes my site. He must be above reproach, not to mention have good taste. I'll take his word for things."

But what he failed to consider is that he unfairly stereotyped an entire team through his poorly thought-out actions. Everyone who visits his site (and we hear it is quite a many people) will see the Boise State Broncos painted as dirty players, and that is simply not true.

Shame on you, Wizard. Next time you throw up wanton video posts on your site, make sure they are superficial like a monkey giving the finger or pointless like Robb Akey picking his nose. Don't jeopardize an entire football program's reputation so foolishly.

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