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Will Georgia "blackout" inspire Boise State "orangeout"?

As Boise State football fans, we're not often jealous of other schools, except of course those that get a fair shot at a national title and Fresno State from February 2008 to September 2008. But those are stories for another time.

This week, we've been particularly envious of the Georgia Bulldogs, not for their Top 5 ranking but rather for their intriguing wardrobe choices.

Hoping to turn back the Tide, Georgia decided this was as good a week as any for a "blackout." For just the third time in modern school history, the Bulldogs will be wearing black jerseys instead of their traditional red, and they’re urging all their fans to don the color as well for Saturday night’s nationally televised game.

If they can't get the emo kids out for this one, then they'll never get them out.

Georgia actually pulled this colorless (or is it every single color put together; we can never remember) stunt twice last year - a conference showdown against Auburn and the Sugar Bowl against Hawaii. We remember how the Auburn game turned out, but we can't seem to recall the result of the Sugar Bowl. Any Hawaii fans able to help us out?

Georgia's jersey choices got us to thinking: What would be BSU's version of the "blackout"?

The answer that stands out most plainly would be an "orangeout." The Broncos would wear orange jerseys with orange pants, and the fans would come dressed in all orange. Talk about tacky. The poor ESPN HD cameras wouldn't know what to do.

But rather than cater to the Boise State color scheme, we think the Broncos could come up with some even better options. After all, Boise is the home of blue turf, so it's not like we have a history of doing things the ordinary way. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Black out. Who cares if black isn't the palette?

  • Camouflage uniforms. Inspired by the San Diego Padres.

  • All Ryan Dinwiddie jerseys.

  • Idaho Powerball mascot suits.

  • Paul J. Schneider honorary mustaches. NOT to be confused with Robb Akey mustaches.

Fresno State will never know what's coming.

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