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OBNUGtimus Prime: We’re Transforming

NCAA Football: Boise State at Texas El Paso
It’s kind of perfect that the image is a truck, right? Moving day? Optimus Prime?? It all works!
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

A Farewell To...Well, Not You Guys!

Hello, everyone! This is just a final message to say thank you for everything. To all of our loyal readers here and to our hosts of the last 13ish years at SB Nation: You’ve been awesome.

Here’s the thing though: We fully expect you to continue to be so! And we actually have more than half a mind to continue being (at least marginally) awesome ourselves.

So, this final post at OBNUG is not so much a goodbye as it is a “see you on the other side”. Because we’re about as done ranting about the Broncos as Dan Hawkins’ was with scoring when he refused to take a knee that one time! A lot of the other blogs that have lost hosting are calling it quits, but we're channeling our inner Hawkins and we're not taking a knee either! We are, however, changing venues.

Losing SB Nation means that we lose some of our infrastructure and mechanisms for some things. We all do this for the love of what we do, but the partnership did also provide at least some compensation for our writers. In order to offset the loss of that, the new home will be partially based on subscription. However, some article categories will always be free! No matter what, though, we appreciate all the support you're willing to give to us as we navigate this suddenly changed landscape.

You can continue to follow the work of Drew (@mybrainissmart), Ryan (@TheProski), Damien (@suntoktotheface), Hunter (@UnterHonson), and Michael (@VnillaGorilla56) over at (don't pretend you don't know why we picked that name!).

Boise State fans can continue to enjoy the same snarky commentators they’ve come to...mildly tolerate and possibly even sometimes enjoy...over at our new home. The new site is NOT yet live. We will have the first iteration up sometime tomorrow and we expect that it will change a lot in the coming weeks as we edit and adjust it, so your patience is pre-preciated.

In the meantime, bookmark this link if you don't follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Either way, we'll see you all there tomorrow. In the meantime, always and forever...