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Fall of Tenochtitlan: Boise State vs. San Diego State Game Preview

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Game facts

  • Time: September 30th, 2022, 6 PM MST
  • Location: Albertsons Stadium, Boise, ID
  • Weather at kickoff: 71° party cloudy
  • Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
  • Odds: Boise State by 6
  • TV: FS1
  • Radio: 670 KBOI
  • Commentators: Alex “Not So” Faust, Petros “Rocks” Papadakis

Other facts

1. Funnel Cakes!

During my extensive (and exhaustive) research for this game, I discovered the preview interview for the game with SDSU DL Keshawn Banks. Of the experience he said, “Vividly I remember smelling funnel cakes for 3 hours straight” Combine that with Andy’s recent presser talking about the “smell” of Albertson’s Stadium and well I don’t know where to go with that thought, but it’s almost a hypothesis.

2. “Decent O-Line”

The Broncos’ struggles on the offensive line have been much maligned. KHG being hurt on Friday lead true freshman Roger Carreon into a starting role. Even through coach-speak SDSU DL Keshawn Banks said of the Broncos, “They got a mobile quarterback, they have a good running back, decent o-line, good skill positions, good offense, they’re a good team”. One of those adjectives is not like the other. Point being, there’s a lot to prove, might as well do the provin?

3. Oh yeah, NewCoachNewQBSocialMediaMeltdownWeek

It was a...week in Bronco Nation, that’s for sure. Honestly, what everyone needs right now is a football game. I’d prefer a win, but I’ll keep the bar low, let’s just have a single game. 15 minute quarters, nothing too fancy, kickoffs, touchdowns, YARDS, idk some tackles. Feels like even that would be therapeutic. UTEP game feels like a year ago, I’m good to make it feel like a decade ago.

4. Issues

To all the Bronco fans concerned for the game, it’s worth noting 2022 hasn’t been particularly kind to the Aztecs either. Yes, BSU has had some player and staff turnover, key pieces even, but with some of the internal issues at SDSU it’s clear there are bigger issues a school can have.

5. 3-4, 1-2

All time record against SDSU, home record against SDSU. I would prefer winning records in those columns, but a tie will have to do for now. It won’t be easy, but if you can believe it, the SDSU offense has been worse than ours on paper. I bring no tidings of confidence, just mostly a “well I guess we’ll see”.


Boise State - Lost 1 ):

San Diego State - Won 1

Best name on their roster

Inspired by the vintage film series titled, The Lord of the Rings, S New Zealand Williams’ parents thought fit to name him after the spawn point of hobbit holes.

Best picture on their roster

A LB with a missing tooth?? Senior Caden McDonald took the crown and ran with it.

Players to watch

Braxton Burmeister, QB

The Virginia Tech transfer had significant hype following his entrance into San Diego Not-A-State University, but that train has slowed some. Currently he has 230 yards passing (yes, for the season) with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Add 149 rushing yards and a TD to that total. All I know is that the last time the Broncos played a mobile VaTech QB, I did not enjoy his screen time all too much. Have to contain and force him to throw.

Jordan Bird, RB

The 5’9 senior finds himself below George Holani in total yards at 224, but averages a whopping 7.7 YPC. He will be a key piece to the Aztec offensive identity, and if allowed to break for long gains will spell a long night for the Broncos.

Jordan Matthews, WR

While QB struggles are apparent up to this point for the Aztecs, it’s hard to forget about Jordan Matthews. So far this year he has 68 yards on 9 catches, but he will be a focal point in the passing game should the Aztecs look to establish that on the Blue.

Michael Shawcroft, LB

While the offensive output will be more telling, the Aztec defense rarely disappoints. Michael Shawcroft leads the team in tackles, sacks, and pass deflections. He’ll be all over the field Friday. (Hopefully from pacing down the sidelines)

Keys to victory

  • Back to Basics Boise State has the talent to compete with anyone in the conference, but they can’t get away from themselves. It’s basically a fresh start (But not the OreSt kind) and they have the chance to quiet a lot of noise around them.
  • Turnovers The turnover wave from last year moved right into week 1 and has been MIA since. Short fields will provide a huge boost to our growing offense. Gotta have em.
  • Limit Big Plays Gonna keep putting this one here. This game feels like a 7-6 meat grinder, and 1 big play could easily decide the game. Story of Broncos D this has been “excellent, except for...” No exceptions under the lights.
  • Field Position I sincerely hope for more offense than I think there will be, but special teams will play a huge part tomorrow night. Sound play in the 3rd part of the game might make up for whatever we’re in for in this defense v. defense battle.

Score prediction

Acknowledging that Taylen Green matched the road point total against OreSt achieved by Heisman candidate Spencer Williams, well, the man is talented. The game will be won by a couple plays, and I think the Broncos get them.

Boise State 21, SDSU 17