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Boise State recruit profile: Dereck Boles


Kids these days and the weird ways they spell normal names. Crazy! Brilliant! (I just remembered that my own first name has an "a" where there should be an "i".) Dereck with an "e-c-k" committed to the Broncos just a couple weeks ago and is your typical under-the-radar Boise State recruit who will be very much on top of the radar now that he has a Boise State commit. He is 270 pounds, so he will likely break the radar once he's on it.

Boles comes all the way from Florida, a land which can be known again as Jerrel Gavins Country now that Nick Patti Territory has been rescinded.


Position: Defensive Tackle

Height: 6-2

Weight: 270 pounds

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida (Lakeland Senior HS)

  • says: 2 stars
  • Rivals says: NR
  • ESPN says: NR


Mark Johnson pseudonym: Nick Foles

Chris Berman nickname: Boles Cut

Anagram: Bedrock Eels

Latest tweet:

Scouting report

Via a Tampa Bay recruiting site:

He wrecks everything in reach and is a handful to block. 6-2/260 lbs, he will be able to hold much more weight as he increases his upper and lower body strength.

Boise State depth chart at defensive tackle

Tyler Horn, senior

Armand Nance, junior

Justin Taimatuia, senior

Robert Ash, junior

Elliot Hoyte, sophomore

Nick Terry, redshirt freshman

* = presumed starters in italics

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

Slim to zero. Boles is one of the handful of Bryan Harsin commits who have joined recently and are as ironclad as any high school recruit is this time of year, which is to say, more precisely, paper-maché-clad.