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Boise State recruit profile: Dylan Sumner-Gardner


The major coup of yanking Marcel Yates away from Texas A&M would have been good enough, but no. Boise State had more future attacking to do, and so Yates flipped an Under Armour All-American safety from A&M to Boise State, turning Boise State's mass exodus of a recruiting class into a giant beam of light. Go ahead and walk toward this light, it's one of the safe ones. Dylan Sumner-Gardner may not be the first highly coveted safety to choose Boise State (see Jeremy Ioane and, lest I forget, FACE Notre Dame), but his timing is impeccable. We shall hail him as the savior of the 2014 Boise State recruiting class and maybe the best Boise State get yet.


Position: Safety

Height: 6-1

Weight: 193 pounds

Hometown: Mesquite, Texas (West Mesquite HS)

  • says: 4 stars, No. 7 safety nationwide
  • Rivals says: 4 stars, No. 10 safety nationwide
  • ESPN says: 4 stars, 84 grade, No. 92 high school player nationwide


Mark Johnson pseudonym: Dillon, someone's gardener

Chris Berman nickname: Dylan "I Know What You Did Last" Sumner-Gardner

Anagram: Many Gland Surrender

Latest tweet:

Scouting report


Sumner-Gardner is a tremendous safety prospect who could play strong or free safety in college. He has a good set of coverage skills, plays the ball well, and is terrific tracking the ball. He plays the run like a linebacker, showing superior closing speed. He is also a sure tackler with the ability to make the big hit. He has great range and anticipation. His instincts are outstanding and he has great feel for the position. Passes the EBT.

EBT = Eyeball test. /the more you knooooooow

Boise State depth chart at safety

Jeremy Ioane, senior

Darian Thompson, junior

Dillon Lukehart, junior

Taylor Loffler, junior

Chanceller James, sophomore

* = presumed starters in bold

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

Zero. Sumner-Gardner chose Boise State because of his affection for Marcel Yates, not Petersen.

Chance that Chris Petersen flips Marcel Yates to UW? Eh, 25 percent or so. He's persuasive.