Can listen to it all but if you don't care about the cowboys skip to 10:04

Austin Bolt is ridiculously good!


Austin Bolt played in the Blue-Grey All American Bowl game and dominated. I haven't seen the final stats but he had 3 TD catches, including the game winner in overtime. He would have thrown a TD pass as well but the kid he threw to had hands of cement (like me). I can't wait to see him on the Blue next year.

Smurf Turf gets some love


TPS did a nice expose if the beloved blue field.



Just in case you missed it.

Alex Ogle has a nice debut


Alex Ogle was the starting QB for Tusculum College Thursday night. His team lost by 1 but he had a nice game. Stats: 22-35 for 292 and 3 TDs with no picks

punt block turns into 7


3 plays after Darren Lee blocks UNLV's punt early in the 3rd quarter, Alexander Mattison scores from 3 yards out

McNichols scores from 36 yards @ Hawaii


two play sequence of McNichols scoring from 36 yards out. Opening statement comes from just watching UNLV beat Wyoming on my phone while at the Boise State @ Hawaii game. See you on the 3rd

2nd Quarter Touchdown Drive


Drive ends with McNichols running it in from 1 yard out for the score

Rypien to Sperbeck 12 yard touchdown


Brett Rypien connects with Thomas Sperbeck over the middle for 12 yards and the touchdown. Boise State goes up 14-0 in the 1st quarter vs. BYU as Sperbeck works the crowd in Section 34 into a frenzy.

Boise State charges onto the "BLUE" vs. Utah State


As stated in the locker room video, I belong to a group called the Bronco Doc's, our purpose is to raise money for the athletic trainers for all sports. The money goes directly to the athletic training department either for equipment or staff to help keep our athletes in top form so that we may keep our Hall of Fame full of more championship trophies. There is some pretty neat stuff in the training room, from a DART machine (the Air Force from Mountain Home come to Boise State to utilize the technology) to anti-gravity treadmills and rehabilitation pools. Like I said it's pretty neat definitely worth a tour. The Football program show's its gratitude by choosing 1 game a year where we get to experience game day preparation up close and as you'll see in the ensuing videos very up close. Part of what they reward us with is an "On the BLUE Experience." If you saw the locker room video then you know what happened to our "Bronco Doc Tailgate" group as we were heading out to the "BLUE" for our on the field experience. After exiting through the same tunnel the players would use to take the field in about another 5 minutes, we made our way to "The South End Zone." once there we joined the band and cheerleaders to help form the tunnel the players enter the field through. My group is to the left lining the end of the human tunnel, in front of the guy in the white shirt. I stood toward the back line of the end zone thinking that the players would turn off in front of those guys in the orange jackets and would be completely out of the way. As you see that's not what happened. Let me tell you it was pretty bad a**, felt like i was a part of the team. Enjoy the whole video and see who takes the field last, before I have to run and catch up to my group whom are already west side line to watch the kick-off. Once again a big thanks goes out to Dusty, Brad, Marc as well as Dr. Randall Burr and Dr. Bob Beede for putting such a great experience together for us.