Grant sportin' his new duds


Doesn't look quite as nice as the Blue uni he used to wear but the pay is much better. Sorry for the thumbnail. The real pic is too huge for SBNation. Here is the link to the full pic: LINK

Blake looking for someone to hit


It would be cool to see him lead blocking for AP

Jay showing off his sweet hands!


I can't wait to see him turn it loose and prove the doubters wrong.

Look! A Geraldo Sighting


Geraldo had a tryout with the Vikings over the weekend.

Matt Miller has flypaper hands


Hopefully the Broncos recognize the amazing talent of Matt Miller.

Grant Hedrick - Bronco 2.0


Here is a nice shot of Grant in action at the Denver Bronco's rookie mini-camp.

Jay Train Sporting His New Jersey


He looks like a kid in a candy store. So happy for him.

Jay Train rolling through London


Jay got an opportunity to visit his favorite soccer team while in London. See more pictures here: PHOTOS

They grow up so fast!


Looking good Jay.



Remember when we used to think Doug Martin was levitating on the football field??