Check Out The Huskies' Areas of Concern


This post by Chris Landon gives us a fair appraisal of the UW Huskies' prospects for 2015. If they can come up with Landon's hopes for improvement, they might have a decent season. But that's a big IF. Required reading, along with Dawg commenters.

If You Like Bad Movies So Bad They're Good Then "Kung Fury" is For You


This has absolutely nothing to do with Boise State, but I think my fellow Nuggies should not be deprived of this gem. This movie has 'drinking game' written all over it. Here is also the requisite music video for the movie.

Girls Tackle Football in Utah


"I don't know, it just gives me a rush, I guess. Hearing the pads, like, click make me smile, I guess," spoken like a true fifth grade QB.

WR Rick Smith is Still on Roster and Will Return For Fall


There is also a good 3-part interview with Coach Bryan Harsin covering the spring and summer expectations. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Sunday Sermon; Thall Shalt Not Whine


Playing the victim get a person nowhere.

Bronco Commit Isiah Hayes Considering Other Schools


A whole host of other schools making offers to Isiah Hayes.

Grant sportin' his new duds


Doesn't look quite as nice as the Blue uni he used to wear but the pay is much better. Sorry for the thumbnail. The real pic is too huge for SBNation. Here is the link to the full pic: LINK

Ryan Clady - ACL


The man has had a couple of injuries over the last few years, all of which he bounced back from. I hate this happened. Here's to a speedy recovery and hopefully many future years in the NFL.