Phil Steele has Boise State at #23


He only makes these available free for 24 hours online, so check it out while you can.

Basketball preview out already? We haven't even started football!!!


A fellow from Kentucky (who hates exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!) picks San Diego State as the MWC Team to Beat in roundball next season. But Utah State is "the next Boise State." *cough*

Versatile athlete that the Broncos let slip out of their backyard is back in the fold


Rocky Mountain's Jake Knight...a former Oregon State commit turned shot-putter at Auburn is returning to the Treasure Valley to play for the hometown Broncos. Heckuva player to land in our laps.

Is Crocket the Rocket About to Commit to the Broncos


Damarea Crockett is listed among the best running backs in the nation and he appears to be leaning toward the Blue Turf.

And The Broncos Think They Got Worries About Finley


SDSU suspends five for six games or is it six for five games.

Sunday Sermon; A Voice In The Wilderness


Conference realignment has cooled. When it heats up where will BSU be positioned? Where should they go? Who should invite them? What is best for the Broncos?

Another metric for the 2015 Bronco defense


Phil Steele comes up with a "percent of tackles returning" projection that places Boise State at #17 in the nation in that category (77.01% of tackles returning). He takes a team's total tackles from 2014, the number of tackles returning defenders recorded, and then figures the percentage. Our season-opener foe (UW) is listed at #108, Colorado State at #44, New Mexico at #51, Utah State at #70, and BYU at #100 (eclipsed by #95 Idaho!). Other Mountain Division opponents: Air Force, #117; Wyoming, #121. Lookin' good, Broncos!

Losing Recruits Is Not Such A Bad Thing


In view of some comments by Senior Chief and his link to a Washington Husky's post on their blog about commitment I thought I'd share this. Although it does not reference the Boise flips to Udub, it certainly applies in principle about commitment.

Biggest winners, losers five years after realignment hell broke loose


At least Boise State isn't the BIGGEST loser. So there's that.

Boise State - BYU best of newly created realignment rivalries


Here is a description telling you to click on the link above the description. Or do you want my opinion of the link I'm asking you to click above and read? Oh, ok.