Excellent article about the '01 Fresno game


I've always contested that our road to domination began in Fresno in 2001. It was that game that resurrected my fandom after 8 years out of the Treasure Valley. For years, I've referred to the atrocious hit on Gilligan as "The Cheap Shot Heard Round The World" because it was the turning point in a game that would eventually change the face of college football. This article echoes that sentiment and details the events leading up to the game with great quotes from Hawk, Dinwiddie, and Pat Hill, including this gem: "We lost 80 games in 15 years, and 50 were to Boise or Power 5 teams," Hill says. "That’ll go down on my tombstone, Boise. I hear about Boise all the time." There's another great anecdote from Hawk about how David Carr didn't know who he was. I know The Athletic is a paid subscription, but they seriously have the best writing and in-depth coverage and analysis. Excellent article!

Amazing Letter from DeMarcus to Tyrone


Check out this letter that DeMarcus wrote to Tyrone regarding his retirement. This is awesome! I think I got some dust in my eyes. This is a great example of the Boise State culture of turning boys into men. I love it!

AD Search News


Looks like BSU might have their new Athletic Director.

A discussion of the Broncos 06 and 09 season


It talks about if they were good enough to claim a share of the national title ala 2017 Central Florida

It appears this so-called "expert" has never watched Hightower's game tape


He describes him as a body catcher and poor contested catch ability. What? If you throw him a 50/50 ball, he will come down with it 80-90% of the time.

Austin Bolt is ridiculously good!


Austin Bolt played in the Blue-Grey All American Bowl game and dominated. I haven't seen the final stats but he had 3 TD catches, including the game winner in overtime. He would have thrown a TD pass as well but the kid he threw to had hands of cement (like me). I can't wait to see him on the Blue next year.

Boise State Predicted to Miss Bowl Game


247sports is predicting that Boise State will not be making a bowl game. I am assuming this is them Calli. G a Hawaii win, followed by Boise rejecting a First Responders Bowl invite..... Or they just forgot to put Boise State in a slot.

Smurf Turf gets some love


TPS did a nice expose if the beloved blue field.