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An entirely presumptuous list of Boise State coaching replacements

Where does Boise State go from here? Anywhere your mind can imagine (except Houston Nutt).

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Petersen has left for greener, Starbucks-ier pastures - a coaching move that is literally minutes old. Time's a-wasting, you guys. Better start guessing at who will replace Coach Pete.

(Historians, please print this article for posterity and to display it in comedy clubs one month from now when all these names are wrong.)

The big names

Bryan Harsin

Currently: head coach at Arkansas State

Pedigree: former Boise State quarterback and offensive coordinator

Harsin will be the name floated around most often by Boise State fans because he is somewhat beloved for his contributions to the Golden Era. If you recall, Harsin was one of the first Boise State coaches to get the full-on airport stalking treatment when he was interviewing for the Texas OC job. He's a pretty big deal around these parts, which could make him the fan favorite. Important note: Fans do not get a vote for the next head coach. This is not the Major League Baseball all-star team.

(Of interest: Local radio personalities opined that Harsin is too small beans for the Boise State job. The reasoning goes that BSU is big-time enough that the Broncos should land an experienced head coach.)

Justin Wilcox

Currently: defensive coordinator at Washington

Pedigree: former defensive coordinator at Boise State

Wilcox and Harsin were the wunderkind duo behind some of Boise State's best teams. He left Boise State for Tennessee, realized that was a dead end, and landed in Washington where he has more than held his own as one of the West's best defensive coordinators.

Pete Kwiatkowski

Currently: defensive coordinator at Boise State

Pedigree: All-American defensive lineman at Boise State

Coach K has long been singled out as the Next Assistant to Leave because of his wizardry with coaching up some pretty stellar Bronco defenses. Boise State hired from within with Petersen and with Dan Hawkins, so it is well within the realm of possibilities that Kwiatkowski is considered to continue the trend. His greatest downfall: He coaches defense. Boise State hasn't had a defense-first coach since the new millenium.

Chris Strausser

Currently: Offensive line coach at Boise State

He's like Pete Kwiatkowski, only with offense. People like touchdowns, right?

(Also, Strausser might be the team's interim coach, which would seem to put him in the driver's seat among assistants.)

Dirk Koetter

Currently: offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons

Pedigree: former coach at Boise State

Would Koetter want to come back to Boise? Would I want to go back to working for the Idaho Press-Tribune now that I've tasted from the sweet, sweet money tree of blogging? Seems like just yesterday Koetter's name was in the ring for NFL head coaching jobs, but there is a lot to say for the draw of the Boise area. We've got a Whole Foods now, Dirk!

Robert Prince

Just goofing with you guys!

Doug Nussmeier

Currently: offensive coordinator at Alabama

Pedigree: former quarterback at University of Idaho

Nussmeier was believed to be a finalist for the Washington job along with Chris Petersen, so the man definitely has some chops. Bruce Feldman devoted an entire paragraph to stating Nussmeier's case for the Boise State job. There's just one downside: THE MAN IS AN IDAHO VANDAL ALUMNUS.


Some random names I thought up just now

Boise State has the clout to pull a big name from beyond those with ties to the program. So let's think outside the box. Waaaay outside the box.

Kellen Moore

Jeff Tedford

Houston Nutt

Bob Gregory

Bob Stitt

Brent Pease

The coach who never punts

Dan Hawkins

Kevan Lee