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Boise State tames the Bengals

With the injury to Finley, it seems the Rypien Era has begun...

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50 burgers are tasty. Oh how I missed them...


  1. Our OL needs more work than we thought. This line was supposed to be a stalwart for us, but so far they have been playing like true freshman. We have veteran players there, and I have faith that they will get it worked out, but it needs to happen NOW.
  2. Stuart could get it done. But he has struggled JUST enough tonight that makes me cringe for UVA. Love what he can do with his feet, but must go through his progressions quicker.
  3. The Rypien Era begins with a bang. He is every bit as advertised and then some. The pace of the game was much more Boise State and he just had a different presence. I am pleased
  4. Our backups are good. I honestly didn't realize we were playing 2's for quite a while. Cory Young in particular ran HARD. Me likey.
  5. With a good QB and some nice play calling, this offense can hum. Definitely not saying Finley is a bad QB, but Rypien played a great game. The second half was crazy efficient.

First Quarter Recap

Second Quarter Recap

FIRST HALF RECAP Boise State 21 - 0 ISU

Third Quarter Recap

Fourth Quarter Recap

Second Half Recap BSU 52 - 0 ISU

QB Comparison

  • Ryan Finley 5-6 for 59 yards 0 TD and 0 INT 165.9 rating
  • Tommy Stuart 9-13 for 69 yards 1 TD and 0 INT 139.2 rating
  • Brett Rypien 8-9 for 126 yards 0 TD and 0 INT 206.5 rating
  • Alex Ogle 0-0 for 0 yards 0 TD and 0 INT 0 rating (played, but only handed off)
  • Michael Sanders 21-42 for 169 yards 0 TD and 1 INT 79 rating
  • Tanner Gueller 9-17 for 93 yards 0 TD and 0 INT 98.9 rating

WR Comparison

Boise State


RB Comparison

Boise State




Defensive Totals

This was a much needed game for Brett. While the opponent was not the greatest, it will be a great confidence booster going in the UVA. Going into a game like that with a big win and confidence will pay dividends.

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