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Boise State recruit profile: Andres Preciado


Preciado's brilliance has been well-documented since he committed to Boise State. He has a 4.3 GPA and counts engineering among his most passionate pursuits. He is smarter at 18 than I am at 30 - stronger, faster, and better with technology, too. So here's something new to ponder: Preciado will redshirt so that strength and conditioning and carbs coach Jeff Pitman can help him gain weight, meaning he will likely spend five years at Boise State. He could probably graduate in three and be well on his way to graduate studies, doctoral theses, or internships at Google by his senior season. He could be the only Boise State player to leave the program early to turn pro in something other than sports: startup millions. Speaking of which, I have this idea for an app ...


Position: Offensive Tackle

Height: 6-6

Weight: 250 pounds

Hometown: Imperial Beach, California (Mar Vista Senior HS)

Other offers: San Jose State, Colorado State, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth

  • says: NR
  • Rivals says: 2 stars
  • ESPN says: NR


Mark Johnson pseudonym: Andres Galarraga

Chris Berman nickname: "Cecil Andres" Preciado

Anagram: Ordained spacer

Scouting report


Has a 39.18 SPARQ rating

SPARQ rating measures one's ability to light a fire using flint, tinder, aerosol spray, and toots.

Boise State depth chart at offensive line

Rees Odhiambo, junior

Marcus Henry, junior

Travis Averill, sophomore

Steven Baggett, sophomore

Mario Yakoo, sophomore

Kellen Buhr, sophomore

Jehren Ertel, junior

Avery Westendorf, sophomore

Eli McCullough, redshirt freshman

Mason Hampton, redshirt freshman

Archie Lewis, redshirt freshman

Andrew Tercek, resdshirt freshman

* = presumed starters in italics

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

Zero. Petersen showed no interest in Preciado when he was at Boise State, so there's no reason to think he'll go after Preciado now. Unless ... Petersen's only going after Bronco commits because he is pure evil and he's out to get Boise State! Yeah, right. That's impossible. Unless ...