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Boise State recruit profile: Troy Bacon


Five years from now, when we are celebrating Troy Bacon's Lombardi Trophy win by blinking at each other with our Google Glasses, we will hardly remember the saga of Bacon's recruiting, how he was a one-time lock for Boise State, how he was then a lock for Washington, how Cal got in there somehow, and how Bacon ultimately ended up in Boise. The Broncos know exactly what to do with tough grinders like Bacon: Throw him at defensive linemen and linebackers with reckless abandon and let Jay Ajayi tiptoe around the mess. Provided Bacon's commitment holds for the next however-many-hours til signing day, the Boise State O-line carousel should have a fancy new bear-horse to ride.


Position: Offensive line

Height: 6-4

Weight: 280 pounds

Hometown: Oak Hills, California (Oak Hills HS)

Other offers: Cal, Washington State, Colorado State, San Diego State, UNLV, Eastern Washington

  • says: 3 stars, No. 61 guard nationwide
  • Rivals says: 3 stars
  • ESPN says: 3 stars, 73 rating, No. 125 tackle nationwide


Mark Johnson pseudonym: Kevin Bacon // Troy Aikman

Chris Berman nickname: Troy Shake 'n Bacon

Anagram: Tony Cobra

Latest tweet:

Scouting report

Via ESPN recruiting:

This is a very tough guy. A mean customer capable of finishing blocks with the nasty, pancake effort we look for when evaluating offensive linemen for the major college level.

Boise State depth chart at offensive line:

Rees Odhiambo, junior

Marcus Henry, junior

Travis Averill, sophomore

Steven Baggett, sophomore

Mario Yakoo, sophomore

Kellen Buhr, sophomore

Jehren Ertel, junior

Avery Westendorf, sophomore

Eli McCullough, redshirt freshman

Mason Hampton, redshirt freshman

Archie Lewis, redshirt freshman

Andrew Tercek, resdshirt freshman

* = presumed starters in italics

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

10 percent. Bacon reaffirmed his commitment to the Broncos last Wednesday but has spent most of the last couple months being wined and dined by others (wining and dining under the table, natch). The Broncos' best bet to keep Bacon is to turn all the clocks in his house forward to 6:00 p.m. MT on February 5.