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Boise State recruit profile: David Lucero


Anyone seen a good tight end lately? (Please refrain from Channing Tatum jokes.) There are eight TEs on the roster but there have been zero TEs in gameplans for what seems like ages. Injuries and quarterback changes and, inevitably, Robert Prince have taken their toll, but let's get real: The tight end is integral to the fabric and success of the Boise State offense. At least, that's how it was and how it hopefully will be with Bryan Harsin back in town. The future does indeed look full of tight ends based on the hopeful words of new recruit David Lucero who chose the Broncos in part because of how they plan to utilize big pass catchers like him. And Lucero is indeed a big target. At 6 foot, 5 inches, he is already tied for the tallest height on the Boise State football team and might get even taller once the Boise State strength and conditioning inversion table is finished with him. Once he adds some more weight, we're looking at the next Holden Huff, who is presumably the next Derek Schouman, who presumably did exist at one point long, long ago.


Position: Tight End

Height: 6-5

Weight: 215 pounds

Hometown: Holtville, California (Holtville HS)

Other offers: UTEP, Montana State

  • says: 3 stars, No. 52 tight end nationwide
  • Rivals says: 2 stars
  • ESPN says: 2 stars, 69 grade, No. 53 tight end nationwide


Mark Johnson pseudonym: David Caruso

Chris Berman nickname: David "Goosero" Lucero

Anagram: Avoid Curdle

Latest tweet:

Scouting report

Via the ESPN recruiting machine:

Lucero possesses a rare blend of height and size for the tight end position. Shows strength after the catch as a runner to get through arm tackles. Is a straight-line runner with deceptive speed for his length.

Boise State depth chart at tight end

Holden Huff, junior

Connor Peters, senior

Jake Hardee, junior

Kyle Sosnowski, senior

Brennyn Dunn, sophomore

Jackson Reed, sophomore

Alec Dhaenens, redshirt freshman

Jake Roh, redshirt freshman

* = presumed starters in italics

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

5 percent. Never count Chris Petersen out of anything except social media competitions.