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Boise State recruit profile: Tennessee Su'esu'e


The Great Wall of China, the pyramids, Stonehenge - meh to all of them. As a high school football player, the greatest wonder of my naive, prepubescent world was blocking a 300-pound nose tackle. He mostly just stood there, but oh how I will spin this story when I tell it to my grandkids about how PooPaw manhandled a hulk twice his weight and no you cannot look it up on YouTube because YouTube did not exist in the 1990s.

All this to say, Tennessee Su'esu'e is one of those 300-pound high schoolers that weenier high school players will forever memorialize playing against, except Su'esu'e does way more than just stand there. He will pancake you, help you up, and pancake you again the next play. Good luck spinning that one to your grandkids.


Position: Center

Height: 6-2

Weight: 295 pounds

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah (East HS)

Other offers: Utah State, Weber State, Southern Utah

  • says: 3 stars, No. 24 center nationwide
  • Rivals says: 3 stars
  • ESPN says: 2 stars, 69 rating


Mark Johnson pseudonym: Tennessee Martin

Chris Berman nickname: You're the Only Ten I See Su'esu'e

Anagram: Ensues Ensue Tees

Latest tweet:

Scouting report

Via his high school football coach:

He has only two years of organized, solid football and coaching behind him. I think he's still growing, and not only that - he's very smart. He really was our cerebral leader on the field. He's a really smart kid and combine that with his size and athleticism, I think he's going to be fantastic.

Boise State depth chart at center

Travis Averill, sophomore

Your guess is as good as mine

* = presumed starters in italics

Chance that Chris Petersen flips him to UW

Small (unlike Su'esu'e). Su'esu'e took an unofficial visit to Boise State when Petersen was still head coach, but Su'esu'e fell in love with - you might want to write this part down, Vandal trolls - the education that Boise State offers as well as the area's three Boise Fry Co locations. But mostly the education. Okay, 50/50 education and fries.