The Meaning of the Super Bowl for NFL

The National Football League is essential in the USA. American football is among the four most popular sports, along with hockey, basketball, and soccer. And the final game for the title of NFL champion – the Super Bowl – is an actual holiday for all country residents. This day is a national holiday and gathers thousands of families around it. Why is this so, and what is the history of the Super Bowl – read below.

History of the Super Bowl

Officially, the National Football League was founded in 1920, but the first Super Bowl occurred only 40 years later. In 1960, a group of businessmen wanted to own football franchises but were turned down by the NFL. They created an alternative league known as the American Football League (AFL).

For several long years, the NFL and the AFL were competing organizations that fought for fans, players, and their support. Then, in 1966, the owners agreed to merge the leagues by 1970.

The first Super Bowl between the champions of the AFL (Kansas City Chiefs) and the NFL (Green Bay Packers) was played on January 15, 1967. The game's original name was "The AFL-NFL World Championship Game." Later, Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt suggested using the term "Super Bowl" to refer to the championship's final game.

These matches immediately began attracting many fans' attention because the best teams in the country met in them. TV companies fought for the right to broadcast the game, and bookmakers offered good odds.

This trend continues today. Modern bookmakers pay much attention to these games and let bettors bet on all games at the Super Bowl. You can also try your luck, and so that you can correctly assess all the risks, you should check NFL odds to see if there are any games today that gets your interest.

National Football League Championship Rules

The NFL Championship consists of two stages:

  • stages of championship games;

  • playoff stages.

The championship opens with the National Football League Kickoff game – a game between the team that holds the last season's champion title and the guest team.

The duration of the championship is 17 weeks. During this time, the teams will play each other in 16 matches. The draw for these games is held every 4 years according to special rules designed to ensure team rotation.

Most games take place on Sunday evenings so many fans can enjoy the game.

The National Football League has several other traditions:

  1. Games are played every week on Sunday, Thursday, and Monday.

  2. On Thanksgiving Day, there is a special NFL Thanksgiving Day game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions teams.

  3. The last game of the regular season is played after the new year, and that is where it ends.

At the end of the regular season, 12 teams go to the playoff stage:

  • eight teams that finished first in their division;

  • two teams from each of the conferences that could not get a victory, but their win-loss ratio is the best in the table. These teams are called wild cards.

The playoffs are played seven games over four rounds. In the first three rounds, twelve teams in six meetings are fighting for the title champions of the AFC and NFC conferences. After that, the best teams meet in the American Football Super Bowl match.

The reward for winning the horizontal bar is the Vince Lombardi Trophie. This is the most prestigious trophy an NFL team can receive. This is a silver goblet that bears the name of Vincent Lombardi. It is dedicated to the memory of the legendary head coach of the Green Bay Packers, who were the first owners of the Super Bowl. The winner is also awarded "champion rings. They go to the players, the coaching staff, and the football club staff.

Significance of the Super Bowl for American Football

We said that Super Bowl Day is an actual national holiday for Americans. Of the five most-watched television shows in American history, all five were Super Bowl broadcasts. Therefore, commercial time for this TV show is more expensive than any other: up to $5 million for 30 seconds of air time.

Millions of fans from all over the country gather to watch the main game of the season. Americans consume more food on Super Bowl Day than on any other day of the year, excluding Thanksgiving Day, including approximately:

  • 28 million pounds of potato chips;

  • 1.25 billion chicken wings;

  • 8 million pounds of guacamole.

The Meaning of the Super Bowl for Betters

In the United States, more money is wagered on the Super Bowl than on any other event. Bets on the Super Bowl always attract much attention, even from those not interested in football in everyday life. Bettors and just fans bet both for fun (the match becomes much more interesting if you bet on your favorite team) and to make money. Thousands of experts give predictions for the game's outcome or various totals.

Therefore, it can be undeniably argued that the National Football League Super Bowl game is the leading sporting event of the year in America. Enterprising fans can enjoy watching the match of the best teams and earn money by placing bets.

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