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Anagram Roster: New Mexico

Get ready for Cake Intrusions, baby

Maine v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

Ok, so we missed the Anagram Roster last week. OBNUG’s seasonal tradition missing a week doesn’t usually result in the Broncos vomiting all over ourselves on national television, but to be honest I don’t really want to check and see if I was responsible for that one Virginia game we don’t talk about.

I will say that I missed some games last season with a new baby and maybe we should all give Avalos & Plough some slack if it turns out the Anagram Roster has heretofore unknown powers over game outcomes. I’m just saying, it’s not any crazier than astrology.

Just to be safe, we doubled down on our efforts, and this week will be delivering in grand style! (Or at least more or less on time and under budget!)



Danny Gonzales (@CoachGonzUNM) - Dang Lazy Neons


QB Miles Kendrick - Milk Is Redneck

RB Sherod White - Wished Other

LT JC Davis - (too few vowels)

LG Isaak Gutierrez - Gauze Airstrike

C CJ James - (too few vowels, AGAIN)

RG Shancco Matautia - Automatic Ashcan

RT DJ Wingfield - Find Lewd Jig

TE Will Dennis - Wild Linens

WR Luke Wysong - Snugly Woke

WR Austin Erickson - Cake Intrusions

WR Geordon Porter - Groped On Retro


DE Omar Darame - More Armada

DT Jake Saltonstall - Nasal Jostle Talk

DE Justin Harris - Irish Stun Jar

MLB Ray Leutele - Relate Yule

LB Syaire Riley - Is Ire Yearly

LB Reco Hannah - Hone A Ranch

LOBO Tavian Combs - Vain Combats

WOLF Ronald Wilson - Lanolin Sword

WOLF Jerrick Reed II - Dicier Jerkier

CB AJ Odums - Jam Duos

CB Donte Martin - Tandem Intro


PT Aaron Rodriguez - Oozier Radar Gun

PK George Steincamp - Masterpiece Gong

LS Isaiah Perez - Hazier Sepia


UNM Football: Steve Virgen (@SteveVirgen) - Grieve Vents

UNM Basketball: Geoff Grammer (@GeoffGrammer) - Fog Gem Farmer