What are the chances?

Have been meaning to type something like this out and get it posted to get some reactions and opinions but just never got around to it so, here we go. I apologize in advance for the numerous grammatical errors that you are about to come across. So with these questions I'd like you to give me a number 1-10 ( 1 being the least likely to 10 being the most likely) and why?

1.Well this one already was answered on Saturday but, which of these positions will get a personnel switch first, QB, HC, or OC and why?

Mine was a 7 between the QB or OC but didn't think it would happen so soon.

2. What are the chances BSU starts out 3-4?

It might be a little early to panic but, with the way that BSU came out looking on Saturday you wonder what the heck did they do in the off season? Green looked like a freshman QB. O line didn't look any better. Hank looked like a deer in the head lights. I honestly think Khalil made Hank look better with those acrobatic catches last year. Also with the way BSU protected the Blue last year doesn't really instill any faith with Fresno and SDSU coming to town. I say 5.

3. Do we get another 1000 yard rusher this year?

I say 3. I mean say BSU at least plays 11 games that's about 90 yards a game, but with the way the o line was playing doesn't instill much confidence. You think the coaching staff would have it figured out by now and hopefully not until halfway through the season.

4. Does Coach Avalos make it to the next season?

I say 3. Id hate for the guy to get fired. I've been fired before and it's poopie doors. But if the AD wants all these donations and has all these projects in mind you are going to have to have money. And to get that money you are going to have to have W's. W's bring in the fans and the fans bring in the money.

5. Do we see a 3rd QB fight for the starting role?

I say 7. Everyone's talking about Bachmeier vs. Green. But it seems like no one is really considering Vidlak. Paraphrasing Dr. Dre. but it seems like people for got about Vildlak. And I say why not give him a shot too? Hopefully with New Mexico, UTEP, and TN-Martin coming up hopefully he gets a shot.

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