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24 Point Handicap Too Much for the Broncos

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 Boise State at Oregon State

FINAL: Boise State 17, Oregon State 34

It came to my attention too late that the 1st half of the Broncos’ home opener had been canceled. There was enough pain. To be fair, we’ve had worse (have we?), but hey, it’s over. BREATHE. You may air your grievances in the comment section (I’m told all of our comment sections are addressed in film room on Monday.)

3rd Quarter

The worst possible start, Austin Bolt appeared to have suffered a broken ankle on the kickoff. Markel Reed also suffered an injury in the 1st and it appears he will miss significant time as well. I would take a 50 point loss over this. We wish the best to them and their families.

Things started looking brighter on the the first drive of the half when OSU QB threw the ball to what he thought was out of bounds, but was actually an interception. Love when that happens. Thanks Caleb Biggers! Taylen Green offense didn’t see much movement, but Jonah Buckets got us on the board with a FG to put the game to 27-3.

After some miserable back and forth in the middle, Taylen Green decided to (out of nowhere I might add) scamper 74 yards for his first career TD. It was a beautiful sight, and suddenly we had a game on our hands.

4th Quarter

Oregon State went 3-and-out and we were back in business. A PI call and a big deep ball catch by Jeanty put the Broncos in scoring range. Taylen Green punched in another score to put the game at 27-17.

Not much more to report on past that, as:

OSU scored

We had a lazy drive against prevent defense that looked pretty good

Jonah Buckets missed a FG. ):

And that’s the end of that folks.


Most admirable of all was the lack of quit by the defense. They held up impressively overall with relatively little rest from the offense and continued to make plays. D-line struggled, but the OSU line was certainly highly touted, time will tell on that one.

Offense will define this year. That is no surprise to anyone, but it’s still a question mark. QB controversy is now in full swing, and non-QB running game appears nonexistent. That’s scary. Time will tell. (in an ominous way)