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Broncos Ground Skyhawks

No fly zone, mostly?

UT Martin v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

After a slow start, the Broncos ground out a win agains the University of Tennessee at Martin Skyhawks. Exceptional defense, solid special teams, and a passable offensive effort came together.

First Quarter

Broncos won the toss and deferred to the second half. UTM came out with a touchback and 3 and out, followed by a punt to the BSU 20. Hank Bachmeier led the offense on a 7 play, 80 yard drive to the endzone, capped by a Stefan Cobbs touchdown snag.

7-0, Broncos

Utah State transfer Jared Reed was injured on the ensuing kickoff. It looked bad, and Coach Avalos didn’t want to comment on it further postgame. UTM was stuffed up after a first down, and punted to the BSU 35. Hank fumbled on a roll out in the next series, and UTM managed to capitalize on 4th down with a 37 yard strike to the corner of the endzone.

7-7 All

BSU started the next drive from their 23, dragging into the second quarter.

Second Quarter

With an incomplete pass on 3rd down, the Broncos elected to kick a field goal, and Dalmas nailed it.

10-7 Broncos

UTM took the ensuing kickoff for a couple first downs, but ended a drive with holding and a punt on 4th down. BSU took over at their own 13, and ground out a drive to UTM’s half of the field before fizzling out. Jonah Dalmas booted a 48 yard field goal to extend the Bronco lead.

13-7 Broncos

UTM took their next possession down the field, picking up a 1st down off a cute switchback play, but ended up punting on 4th and short.

BSU took the punt to the 46, then a long pass to Davis Koetter got them into UTM territory. Tyneil Hopper put in a yeoman effort to get to the 2 before being upended, and then Holani took a short pass into the endzone.

20-7 Broncos


Third Quarter

BSU took the second half kickoff to their own 38, before dropping a 3 and out with a long fumble recovery yardage hit, and punted it away to the UTM 16. UTM did a lot of nothing and both teams traded punts with some ugly football.

Fourth Quarter

After another UTM series ended in a punt shortly into the 4th quarter, BSU took over at the 48 and drove in for another Dalmas field goal.

23-7 Broncos

UTM tried to take the next kickoff out, but fumbled on the return and BSU took over on the 23. Hank Bachmeier took a hard hit and went out of the game with a rough penalty on UTM. Taylen Green came in to a loud ovation, and handed off to George Holani for his first rushing touchdown of the season.

30-7 Broncos

Both teams punted it off, culminating in Taylen Green kneeling it out for the BSU win.

Despite a solid win, the offense felt lackluster for a Bronco team. There were a few passes deflected off the hands (Looking at you, Cobbs) and one or two returns that just about popped. Hank making an effort to extend a play early resulted in a short field and a 7 point swing, which hurt, but the defense kept UT-Martin solidly bottled up.

After successfully defending the Blue, the Broncos are back on the road next week at UTEP.

Until then, Go Broncos!