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Boise State Game Balls vs New Mexico

NCAA Football: Boise State at Oregon State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

I kind of goofed up on the Oregon State Game Balls. But I will not on the New Mexico game!

Game Ball One:

George Tarlas

After a relatively quiet outing against Oregon State, Mr. Tarlas made up for it with two sacks against the Lobos. He also recorded two assist for four total tackles. Will be nice to see his stats grow.

Game Ball Two:

Latrell Caples

Mr. Caples “only” had two receptions on the night for 22 yards. But those two receptions? Went for touchdowns. Seems to me we should just always throw to him, going forward, since he’s 100% guaranteed a TD on a reception. Book it!

Game Ball Three:

Ashton Jeanty

Mr. Jeanty didn’t record a touchdown on Friday (though I think he should have) but what he did do was average 6 yards per carry for the tune of 75 total yards on 12 attempts. He was slicing and dicing the Lobos defense late in the game. Just wish he would have been rewarded with a TD.

Game Ball Four:

Ezekial Noa

Mr. Noa was busy all night. While he “only” had four total tackles (two solo and two assists) he also had 1.5 sacks, one pass break up, and a QB hurry. He did what we like like to call in the football world, “good.”

Your Turn

Let me know who else YOU think should get a game ball.