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Boise State Roster Countdown 2022: Day 28, Casey Kline

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 29 Collegiate Bowl Photo by John McCoy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

People, we are 4 weeks away from football. That’s less than a month, excepting non-leap Februaries. While you all do some quick math or poem recitation to recall how long months are, here’s today’s subject — TE Casey Kline

#28, Casey Kline, RS Junior, Tight End


Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 250 lbs. (-5)

High School: Brawley Union HS, Brawley, CA

How’d he get to the Blue™?

This isn’t Mr. Kline’s first rodeo when it comes to a Countdown article. That being said Kline had a bevy of Pac-12 schools in Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA (among others) and even the Ivy League with Yale. Who he ultimately signed with will SHOCK you.


“Hot Dog”

It’s hard to explain, just ask him if you see him around town.


Hunkier Josh Groban, anyone? Our sources say “maybe”.

Career Highlights

A highly decorated two-way player in highschool, Kline struggled to find a home on the Bronco D. He went from STUD Linebacker to EDGE over the past few seasons, but amassed a total of two tackles in 14 appearances.

While his on the field prowess may not have shown through, you have got to witness the flow development.

2022 Prospectus

There’s a healthy crop of tight ends this season, and we’re coming up on being “due” for one of those TE-heavy offenses, based on nothing but vibes. Casey is likely a wildcard for the position, unless he makes some noise this fall. Having an experienced TE core to help round out the offense with so much experience gone at wide receiver might mean Casey gets to see the field more in 2 TE packages, or just spelling out heavy use in the top 3.

Previous position swaps of highly respected players who just didn’t quite fit have often worked out in our favor, however. Based once again on vibes, we’re feeling some upcoming success.

Is he on Twitter?

You betcha.

Completely made up fact

Casey Kline is unrelated to Boise State professor (and noted Oklahoma State fan) Casey Cline. However, in a duel for Casey (C/K)line supremacy, Kline bested Cline in an arm wrestling competition, and thus Cline had to go on sabbatical until Kline graduates.