Who Be The Breakout Players, 2022?

Near the beginning of each season I like to go over the roster (or is it rooster) and pick who I think will be the breakout players. Frankly, I’m pretty bad at this. It’s not my fault the coaches don’t play my guys.
Last year I picked Tyler Crowe, Austin Bolt, and Isaiah Bagnah.
Usually the breakout players come from coaches desperate to fill a position for an injured player. Sad to say some of the greatest successes in sports comes by way of another player’s misfortune.
So here it goes.
We’ve already seen flashes of stardom in Seyi Oladipo. If JL Skinner doesn’t mend his ways on targeting issues look for Seyi to fill his shoes.
Since Austin Bolt didn’t have the projected breakout year last year, he for sure will have it this year. He’s a projected starter backup for Billy Bowens. The rest is up to him to win the confidence battle with coaches and Bachmeier. "If you throw it, I’ll catch it."
Mason Randolph has suddenly appeared on the depth chart. Injuries are predictable among the front five. I think he will make an impact in a positive way. Depending on how the o-line looks early in the season, his chance may come sooner than later.
The running back position is where a player has the best opportunities for a breakout. However, if a back is too deep on the chart—fat chance or chances are slim.
With regard to last year’s pick of Tyler Crowe; maybe he’s peaked. Maybe there’s too many fish in the pond. However, there are few who run with his heart.
I’m really excited about Ashton Jeanty. When a player comes to camp from high school and thinks he has a chance to see a lot of action, the adrenaline gushes like Ole Faithful.
The RB position is the best place for a true freshman to breakout. Kaden Dudly is another player to keep our eyes open for. He reminds me a bit of McWeapon, Jeremy McNichols.
Anyway, that’s my picks. Anybody you like?

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