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Boise State Roster Countdown 2022, Day 56: Gavin Hambrick

Built like a BBQ smoker

Boise State v Brigham Young Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Welcome to the late edition, wherein we once again had stuff to do on the weekend, and didn’t schedule the article in advance. Hey, it’s a free site!

With 56 Days left on the countdown, today we have — LB Gavin Hambrick

#56, Gavin Hambrick, Freshman, LB


Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 220 lbs

High School: Apple Valley HS - Apple Valley, CA

How’d he get to The Blue™?

A 3-star linebacker who also dabbled at Tight End, Hambrick was garnering some interest from service academies like Army and Air Force, both known for hard-hitting linebackers. However, after visiting Boise State, Gavin reportedly loved it and said there was “nothing like Boise and Boise State”. He was offered after his visit last summer, and promptly accepted.



Man likes to cook. Man likes to eat. Barbecue.


Blue Suede Shoes on the Blue Turf? Our prediction engine feels Gavin has more than a passing resemblance to the famous crooner Elvis Presley.

Maybe go easy on the peanut butter and banana sandwiches, just in case.

Career Highlights

The usual disclaimer of “it’s highschool film, be patient” applies, but good lord he’s got some nasty in him.

2022 Prospectus

Let’s be honest: the linebacker rotation has a lot of dudes right now, but there’s some super seniors and upperclassmen who are gonna be leaving sooner than later. While he’s not likely to crack the rotation as a starter, we’d look for action in the redshirt-preserving four games or less.

That said, if he can study up from the position room and adapt to the college game, we could always use a nickel. Wishful thinking, maybe, but those hits were NASTY.

Is he on Twitter?

My man is ALL-IN on the Boise State Twitter theming, and he’s already posting gym highlights.

Completely made up fact

Gavin is a huge “New Girl” fan, and eagerly awaits the day he can derisively snarl “YOUTHS!” when high school kids tour campus in rabid packs.