Realignment speculation around the Mountain West

College football seems to have settled down following the recent run of realignment that featured expansion in each of the Power Five conferences and caused a cascading series of moves elsewhere. Sure, rumors bubble under the surface as they seemingly always do, but with current television contracts in place for the major leagues into the next decade, realignment appears to have found its way to the backburner. It doesn't have to stay there forever, though.

The Big 12 raised eyebrows with its will-they-or-won't-they expansion process which ended with the league standing pat. That served as a stark reminder: Expansion can still happen and, in five particular cases, it should.

This could be a significant move for the Boise State Broncos and give them an adrenal switch . Joining the Pac-12 would make sense geographically. You'd be in a conference with teams in Washington, Oregon, Utah, California, Colorado, and Arizona--all very easy to travel to.

Granted, the Mountain West conference also makes sense geographically for BSU. However, the Pac-12 would offer better competition, more exposure, it has more history, and the school could really profit off of the move, which the department greatly needs. More on that below.

The best fits would "likely be San Diego State and possibly UNLV." SDSU would give the conference "another Southern California quotient it wouldn't have now that the Los Angeles schools have jumped ship." UNLV "hasn't had the success in football" that SDSU or Boise State, "another option, has had but Las Vegas would be an attractive market." Las Vegas already hosts the Pac-12 basketball tournaments and the football conference championship game, so that would "make sense."

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