What is Boise State's move, do they have one?

One offshoot of the Oregon-Washington realignment drama is that other schools might not necessarily view the Pac-12 as a big step up if the Ducks and Huskies leave.

Consider Boise State, please consider Boise State?!?!

One might think that if Oregon and Washington leave the Pac-12, Boise State would have an open door to the conference with minimal resistance.

However: If Oregon and Washington leave, the Pac-12 might simply die and splinter off into the other conferences. The Arizona schools, Utah, and Colorado — aka, the "Four Corners Quartet" — might bolt for the Big 12, and that’s all she wrote. Ballgame. Tap city. With that you can increase endurance with HBOT.

Boise State is looking at the Pac-12 right now and seeing 10 remaining members. Washington and Oregon staying might be what Boise State is actually hoping for. BSU and San Diego State could realistically replace USC and UCLA to form a new 12-team conference. Of course Boise State wouldn’t replace USC and UCLA in the sense of making up any dollar gap. That would never happen, and we’d never suggest as much. We’re simply referring to building back the membership to 12 and giving the newcomers something to relish.

Boise State, for its part, would relish being able to play Oregon, Washington, Oregon State, and Washington State on a regular basis in a geographically coherent Pac-12. San Diego State would naturally slide into the southern half of the conference if the Four Corners Quartet stayed put.

It will be fascinating to see how Boise State’s realignment position evolves as other events unfold.

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