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Boise State Roster Countdown: Day 77, Kage Casey


Boise State v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to “Almost Summer in Boise (Probably?)”, wherein it rains and scorches you in an alternating cycle of discombobulation. Since you’ve likely been terrified to make weekend plans due to the weather lately, here at OBNUG we’ll strive to keep you entertained with a continuing countdown.

#77, Kage Casey, True Freshman, OL

Boise State University


Height: 6’5”

Weight: 285

High School: Clackamas HS (Happy Valley, OR)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

A consensus 3-star two-way recruit, Kage garnered some interest and an offer from Oregon State, which was quickly followed by a Boise State offer. Kage committed shortly after getting the Boise offer, and the rest was history.


“Johnny Cage”

Mortal Kombat...FIGHT!


Our specially trained predictive engine says “husky Taran Egerton” and we’re sticking with it.

Career Highlights

It’s usually hard to appreciate offensive lineman tape unless you’re an offensive lineman, but Kage Casey seems to have been a straight up kaiju of destruction along the line.

2022 Prospectus

Offensive line is in a tenuous spot right now. There’s lots of experience with fifth and sixth year seniors, but also a lack of high-quality performance to lock in starters. Our bet is that Kage Casey provides some emergency depth, but more in a development and growth capacity this season.

If he can grow those “kaiju” strength moments from his highschool tape into the college game, Kage Casey is going to be a force in the coming seasons.

Is he on Twitter?

You betcha. Already endearing himself to the local fans, too.

Completely made up fact

Kage has successfully completed the El Jefe Challenge at Fire on the Mountain in Portland.

It is rumored that he asked for seconds.