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Boise State Roster Countdown 2022: Day 84, Dionte Thornton

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the weather is starting to heat up, so is the 2022 Countdown. We’re already in the low 80’s, same as the weather outside. This analogy is only gonna work for about another week, so crank up the A/C and read some deets on today’s subject, Dionte Thornton

#(unassigned), Dionte Thornton, True Freshman, DB


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190lbs

High School: Lawndale HS (Lawndale, CA)

How’d he get to The Blue™?

A consensus 3-star recruit, Dionte fielded offers from the likes of Kansas, Cal, and Arizona State. He committed to Boise State in June 2021, and ended up being the longest-committed prospect in the 2021 class.

After committing, Dionte let everyone know he was locked in. “I’m totally shutting it down now, no more visits for me. The only trips I’ll take will be to Boise State. Now that I’m committed, I plan to help recruit and build this class and hopefully make it a great one.”


“Captain Winters”

Loyal as the day is long, Thornton emulates the Band of Brothers character’s high level of commitment.


Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Our prediction engine says Dionte is a dead ringer for F1’s champion heartthrob, Lewis Hamilton. Not bad.

Career Highlights

Dionte Thornton defends a pass in a California Division 4 playoff game
Dionte Thornton defends a pass in a California Division 4 playoff game

2022 Prospectus

After graduating this spring, Dionte is on track to join the team this summer. While he played as a safety in highschool, Dionte has mentioned that the coaching staff see him more as a corner in college. We’ll see what shakes out when fall camp rolls around.

Being a true freshman, we’d look for some spot duty in no more than 4 games, if he sees the field at all. The cornerback group has some decent depth and should be able to train him up without a rush this season, no need to burn a redshirt option.

Is he on Twitter?

That’s an affirmative, but you might have better luck getting timely updates on his Instagram.

Completely made up fact

While his recruiting commitment is noteworthy, his competitive commitment is legendary. Dionte once won a radio station contest by keeping his hands on a PS5 box for 28 hours straight, outlasting everyone else for a free console.