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Boise State athletics unveils Athletics Master Village

Utah State v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

In a bid of “keeping up with the Joneses” Boise State has announced a plan to create an ‘Athletics Master Village’ on the Boise State campus.

From the Boise State release:

The introduction of a future Athletics Master Village arrives on the heels of Boise State’s recent launch of the Horsepower Drive for 10,000 BAA members, which includes a goal of 200 Lyle Smith Society members by 2023 and 25,000 football season tickets to be sold by 2025. Fans excited about the future vision of Bronco Athletics are encouraged to purchase season tickets, join the stampede for 10,000 BAA members or review the multiple philanthropic options available through the Bronco Athletic Association.

If it feels like the Broncos are pushing their facilities in response to market conditions, you would be correct.

In order for the Broncos to best angle their efforts for inclusion into a Power 5 conference (and who are we fooling, we know the best shot is the Big 12) the facilities investments will need to match (at least) what is happening around the country.

Some of the more noteworthy expansions include:

  • Offices for other sports, including men’s and women’s tennis, beach volleyball, and gymnastics
  • Renovations for ExtraMile (nee the Pavillion) including new seating, restrooms, and concessions
  • A new 5,000-seat arena in a would-be Olympic sports-centered venue
  • Albertson’s Stadium getting to 40,000 seats
  • Churros (that last one is made up...or is it?)

All this is to also key into the university Master Plan (which has undergone some changes the past few years).

You have to give credit to Jeremiah Dickey and his very aggressive pursuit of progress for the university. No laurels to be rested here.

Hopefully we can see these improvements sooner than later.

Go Broncos!