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Bills to pay: After surprising drop, Khalil Shakir finally off the board in NFL Draft

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I’m not the most hardened homer in the world but I still felt Khalil Shakir slipping out of day 2 of the NFL Draft was a stunner. Then when round 4 came and went with Khalil still using his phone to play Candy Crush, I started to wonder if I was hallucinating. But soon after—once the 5th(!) round was under way, we finally got to hear Shakir’s name called and despite my misgivings about his draft position, his destination is a great one.

The Buffalo Bills (probably amazed at their incredible luck) actually moved UP (somehow) in the draft and finally pulled the proverbial trigger (a mafia hit?) —bringing Mr. Shakir to a (now) perennial contender team that happened to be looking for a slot. Serendipity, babyyyy!

Right around 2017-18, there are probably few quarterbacks I would LESS like throwing the ball to a Bronco than Josh Allen, but credit to the kid on continuing to grow...he’s now one of the better gunslingers in the league and utilizes his full arsenal in a fun and high-flying offense. Shakir could ascend that depth chart quickly, IMO. So, adopting the “spilled milk” principal, I’ll be grateful that Shakir just landed in a rather plum location and try to forget the UTTER DISRESPECT. Remember, Cedrick Wilson was a SIXTH rounder (another headscratcher) and just got PAID by Miami. It’s where you end up, kids.

Congratulations to Khalil Shakir on his new gig. It’s been real fun watching you the last few years on The Blue.