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BIG athletics gift will fund BIG video board

Oregon v Boise State

If you’ve been on the fence about new Boise State AD Jeramiah Dickey and the team he’s assembled...go ahead an hop off. The dude is legit and making good on his promise to “go get” the things they they didn’t have and wanted. Today, Boise State announced it’s biggest one-time gift ever to the athletics program...a $4.5M one from Idaho Falls based Melaleuca—purveyors of products ranging from essential oils to something called “MelaGel”. With the funds, the Broncos are eyeing the BIGGEST video board in the Mountain West for the South End Zone and one of the best in college football, to boot. The new board is slated to be 120 feet wide and 50 feet tall...making it a full 1,800 square feet larger than the next biggest in the conference. So get ready to see the Boise Office Equipment copier race from Horseshoe Bend (please, no wagering).

To put the size of the proposed board in context, 120 feet is the length of the first Wright Brothers flight and people seemed pretty impressed with that. It’s also about 40 yards long if we’re sticking with football analogies, so about half as far as Jared Zabransky can throw a potato. Here’s an artist’s (myself) rendering of the approximate scale of the video board if it were laid out on the field and playing Caillou.

Growing up? Not so tough.

To date, the Lyle Smith Society...brainchild of Dickey’s team has raised approximately $17M for Boise State Athletics. So, uh...what was that last guy doing?

The video board is scheduled to be installed by mid ‘22 during football season, let’s hope it’s finished by say November 5th...Cougar tears look incredible in HD.