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Broncos take 8th seed, matchup set

NCAA Basketball: Nevada at Boise State Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Similar to March Madness expectations, the Boise State Basketball team was sky high awaiting their seeding today.

You have to wonder if the selection committee was also high making their picks. The regular season AND conference champion of the Mountain West Conference, a conference with 4 tournament teams (1 more than the WCC and Pac-12) landed them an 8 seed, the third highest of the conference. (CSU 6, SDSU a higher 8) Edit: SDSU was actually 2 spots below us with a 31 seed, but I think the overall frustration still stands.

Geography was a consolation prize, with a Thursday date upcoming in Portland. They face off against the 9th seeded Memphis Tigers, a rematch of last year's NIT quarterfinals. The 21-10 Tigers are coming off a 71-53 loss to Houston in the AAC championship. Some Twitter rumors say that the winner will immediately be given a BIG-12 invite, although reality appears to be the only barrier in that regard.

The clear storyline is the potential round 2 matchup with Gonzaga, should they escape a 16-seeded Georgia State. It doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence, as Leon Rice has yet to face off against his team. For the time being, Mark Few’s bulldogs will be shaking in their boots...