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Vote for the Broncos in the Uniswag Uniform of the Year contest

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 02 Nevada at Boise State Photo by Tyler Ingham/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Because the CFB off-season is arduous and long, we need to have things to occupy our time (and fill our content!). Besides, it’s not as if there is anything else tangentially-related to Boise State happening right now.

Which brings us to this very important thing happening right now:

Uniswag Uniform of the Year Voting.


Despite the outcome of that game, the Boise State throwback logo is an absolute banger and deserves to be recognized as such. Any “bad mojo” that would be associated should be expelled from your mind as you vote for the Broncos in this non-scientific poll.

Protip: when scrolling, be mindful not to scroll all the way down the page (like I did) looking for the vote box. It’s somewhere in the middle after the last few candidate images.

I, for one, certainly hope the Broncos do decide on bringing back that particular design soon. If you remember, the Broncos did win helmet of the year award last year. This years design is arguably better, but they are inexplicably absent this year.

Make sure to spread the word, and the link, and have your family and friends vote the correct way: for the Broncos!