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Senior Tribute: Cyrus Habibi-Likio

NCAA Football: Boise State at Brigham Young Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Starting off our line of senior tributes, #4 Cyrus Habibi-Likio was the obvious choice. He’s the first senior numerically leaving who does not have “Octaviou” or Khali” to start off his name. Now these tributes are new territory for us, but we felt the college kids that run on a uniquely colored field in pursuit of a leather ball (and consequently occupy a large portion of our emotional health 16 to 52 weeks a year) deserve recognition for their contributions.

How did he get to the Blue?

We’re pretty sure he drove here, but walking would certainly have been impressive.

A 4 star RB out of Palo Alto, CHL had Boise in the top of his list before eventually committing to Oregon. At Oregon he ran for 21 TDs in 27 games, playing in that special way that makes goaline defenders hate their life. Thankfully, Cyrus saw the light, and donned the Blue and Orange for his senior season.

How’d he do?

Cyrus finished the season with 374 yards on 107 carries for 2 TDs. Great work, but Mr. Habibi Likio didn’t stop there. To prove he’s no one-trick Bronco, he also decided to be 3rd on the team in catches, snagging 23 for 213 yards. That kind of production will be missed as he moves on to bigger and more NFLier things.

Best memory of Habibi-Likio?

I have a feeling we’re rarely gonna have just one for these guys. In the case of Mr. Habibi Likio, I have 2. The first one that comes to mind was against the vaunted Utah State Aggies. Standing alongside Hank near their own goaline, #4 snuck out for a wheel route and found himself all alone. He caught the pass, scampered 30 yards, and then proceeded to juke the soul out of the defender, twice. To immortalize the moment, Coach 30 even did a film session video on it. From the looks of the Utah State transfer portal, it seems like Air app was certainly downloaded in Logan.

For his best full game, it’s hard not to think of October 9th in Provo, UT. It was memorable for me because I’m pretty sure I was the only BSU fan in that whole side of the stadium, and did so at my own peril. CHL was amazing. He went on to eat the BYU defense like one of those freakishly long maple bars they sell there. BYU fans whined all around me, “He’s getting an extra 5 yards on every run!” Yes, yes he did.

Am I making up a subheading just to put in a video of him tackling a fan?


What’s next?

NFL, the final frontier. Mock draft predictions will become much clearer after the combine and Pro Days, but there is no doubt we will gladly add him to the long list of Bronco RBs playing on Sundays.

Another way you could potentially support CHL if you are not an NFL GM (If you are, hi) is by purchasing this fine automobile. Unclear if the white-walled, black tiled room comes with it, but would definitely be a steal in that case.

El Fin:

On behalf of Bronco Nation, we want to say a big thank you to Cyrus Habibi Likio! (Now say that 5 times fast) Leave in the comments below your favorite memories of him, or any other well wishes for the man himself.