MWC will win Bowl Cup Challenge

Mathematically , the MWC wins the Bowl Cup Challenge with a 5-1 ( 833) record in the bowl games. This is regardless of any other games played after this post: including the National Title game. The AAC and Sunbelt will be the runner ups with a 3-1 ( 750) avg.

Some things to note:

Utah must win ( and I believe they will) to keep the Pac 12 from drawing a goose egg in the bowl challenge.

The National Title game - IMO - is basically a mute point except to see Nick Saban get beat. That's IF Georgia can show up for the game?

Special kudos to the Chippewas! You didn't get BSU but you did get and beat a Power 5 school in Wazzu. Granted the Pac 12 is very weak this year but it's a big black eye on Wazzu and especially the Pac12 as a whole! Good job CMU! The nuggies are proud of you!

Personal note: BSU not playing in the bowl game doesn't pass the sniff test with me.

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