Realignment and the MWC

Well now that UCF, Cincinnati and Houston are headed to the Big12, the question is "what is Craig Thompson and the Mountain West doing to shore up the MWC's position?"

The AAC Commissioner continues to be very proactive and vocal, and seems to be looking to raid some MWC and other conference teams to shore up the AAc's position.

As usual, silence from Craig Thompson.

In my opinion, the MWC should go after Tulsa and SMU (based on closest geography and up and coming teams) to take the MWC to 14. These teams may be very interested as the AAC just took a big hit. And joining the MWC seems more attractive then what the AAC can do unless the top teams of the MWC decide to defect. But the geography would be terrible.

Maybe Craig is working in silence, but history seems to indicate otherwise.

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