My thoughts on the UCF game

Water under the bridge people.

Winning at UCF under optimal conditions is difficult enough let alone a 3 hour weather delay, a hostile crowd and facing a good team. Having said that BSU - IMO- should have won this game. The blame in my experienced opinion is squarely on the coaching staff. Period!

What now you ask? BSU must make major corrections on both sides of the line. I won't lie. I have grave concerns about the OKSU and BYU games. They could be humiliating defeats if there aren't major changes done. I'm not like some calling for heads on a stick. But I will say that I think they need to start Sears next game. If anything just to assess where they are?

May I humbly suggest this? BSU as of now has no run game to keep the defense honest. I would go to my 2nd string linebacker corps and convert one to a full back. Someone with good hands and not afraid of contact. There has to be someone in the backfield in those 3rd and 3 and 4th and 2 situations to force the defense to play inside. Not to mention it takes enormous pressure off a qb.

One more thing..I think we all would be well advised to accept that BSU simply does not have the team or the coaching they had in years past.Its that simple.

Let's support the team. They're really gonna need it even more this year! Go Broncos!

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