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Boise State VS UTEP Recap: Nothing Miner about this fifty-burger

Spoiler: Broncos won pretty handily

UTEP v Boise State Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

FINAL: Boise State , UTEP

To begin the remainder of the Boise State season after that unfortunate outcome in Florida, the Broncos took the field in front of a nearly full stadium for the first time in almost two years.

Despite the long layoff in front of a full crowd, the hometown team did not disappoint.

First Quarter

The opening drive did little to quell fans’ nerves regarding questions about the defense as UTEP was able to slice and dice themselves a decent opening drive. The Broncos were eventually able to slow the Miners somewhat and they had to settle for a field goal. Boise State marched down the field to answer with a field goal of their own! (Much better than opening with a three-and-out in my humble opinion.)

The next UTEP series finally woke up the Broncos as the defense was able to force a three-and-out and a UTEP punt. Which proceeded to end with a really awesome Stefon Cobbs punt return for a touchdown. A punt return that WASN’T by Avery Williams. Is that even legal?

That ended the scoring for the first quarter and the Broncos went to the second up 10-3.

Second Quarter

The second quarter is where the floodgates really opened for the Broncos where they had their first turnover of the game. You think that’s cool? There were more (spoiler: a bunch more).

Reminder: the Broncos didn’t have a ton of turnovers at all last year.

Shane Irwin forced a Hardison fumble that Scott Matlock was able to recover.That turnover led to a Andrew Van Buren touchdown that extended the lead to 24-3.

Another three-and-out for the Miners saw Hank Bachmeier throw to a sweet touchdown pass to Stefon Cobbs.

In this quarter Tyreque Jones and true Freshman Seyi Oladipo joined the party with two more turnovers.

The Broncos didn’t stop scoring either with two (total) AVB touchdowns and a Dalmas field goal.

The Broncos would go into the half with a 41-13 lead.

Third Quarter

Boise State did nothing to stop the scoring after the half with three strikes from Hank Bachmeier and getting the Broncos another TD, this time to Tyneil Hopper.

This quarter also saw the Broncos nab three more turnovers. They ended the game with six. That’s impressive.

The Broncs did reign in the scoring a bit only putting up just enough to get to a fifty-burger (51-13 to be exact) and call it good.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter was basically all she wrote as far as this game was concerned. Both coaches just wanted to run out the clock and get home with as few injuries as possible. The Broncos did add a garbage field goal but the defense didn’t allow any garbage points. So that’s good.

Broncos bounce back in a big way with a 54-13 win over the UTEP Miners.

Now on to Oklahoma State!