Who Will Be This Year’s Surprises?

Before the start of each season, it is fun to go over new faces and those relatively new on the roster. During that examination, I think of the things read about each, perhaps some old video, or what is remembered about a few brief appearances during mop-up time in previous games. From that, I like to predict the next couple of breakout impact players.

Kellen Moore would certainly fit in that category. Avery Williams was an unheralded and unheard of walk-on. Leighton Vander Esh comes to mind. There are lesser luminaries yet they made their presence known. Thomas Sperbeck and Garrett Collingham certainly shined. Boise State lore is filled with such diamonds in the rough.

Personally, I was all over LVB and Collingham—very confident they would do well. They didn’t disappoint. However, Charles Bertoli decided to take his life in a direction other than college football. I thought he was the next Vinney Peretta. And frankly, I applaud the young man’s decision.

So here are a few Broncos who I think will make an impact this year who have not seen a lot of action. First is Tyler Crowe; he will find a way to get on the field. Second, Austin Bolt will come in on certain situations and make some surprising catches. Isaiah Bagnah will see more and more time on The Blue—some big sacks in his future. Without seeing a practice I’m wondering if Taequan Tyler might be a return man this year.

Purposely, Cyrus Habibi-Likio and Stefan Cobbs were not mentioned. They are expected to make an impact.

So what do you think?

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