How good is UCF?

Since we are less than 10 days from our season opener with UCF I wanted to pose this question. Just how good is UCF going to be? Let's look at a few things.

In 2016 they lost 7 games! They lost to the likes of Tulsa and Arkansas State! Not completely embarrassing but the kind of losses our fan base would go crazy over. Since 2016? They have a combined 8 losses over 4 years! That includes 2 bowl losses against very good teams and 2 undefeated regular seasons.

But they have a new head coach... Yes, they have a new head coach which sometimes makes a difference and other times doesn't. In this case though they have a new head coach who has won a national championship! That doesn't happen unless you are pretty good at what you do. But he was fired! Yes he was fired from Auburn because he couldn't maintain that level of success in the toughest division in college football. Not to mention we have a new head coach. Does that make us worried? No, just the opposite. While I liked Harsin, there was no pit in my stomach feeling like when Pete left. The only hope we have of the coaching hurting UCF is if Malzahn starts changing a bunch of what has been working...

But why would he? UCF's offense has been really good for several years. They put up over 50 points 3x last year and averaged 42 points per game on the year. They have a QB who regularly throws for 3-400 yards a game and a receiving duo that will rival Shakir and Thomas. UCF's offense has been great and will be hard for us to stop.

But what about their defense? Finally some good news for us. UCF has been really good because of their offense and in spite of their defense. Opposing teams tend to score a bunch of points against them and typically lose because their own defenses are poor. UCF gives up on average close to 30 points per game and 500 yards. Our best hope is for Gus Malzahn to not know how to fix this. But you know what they say defense wins championships, and he knows a few things about that.

So just how good is UCF going to be? I guess we will find out in 9 days,

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