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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: Conference realignment; Movie!; Goodbye, kind of

2020 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Championship Photo by Shane Bevel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Why can’t pirates finish the alphabet?

They get lost at C.

Conference realignment

This whole thing is terrible. Schools want to move out of their conferences (which obviously includes Boise State). But who knows what’s going to happen?

And then we have this cryptic tweet from current Boise State AD Jeremiah Dickey:

Who knows what this infers (other than he’s riding a sweet private plane to show someone that sweet helmet) but we want it to mean he’s off to schmooze some conference to take the Broncos along for the ride. Which, I am fine with. Maybe those connections with Baylor will help? Who knows.

For what it’s worth, my money is on: staying in the Mountain West.

Did you end up watching a movie on The Blue?

Seemed like a pretty fun time and kind of wish I had participated. Just hanging out with fellow Broncos and watching Spider-Man? Sign me up.

This is goodbye, kind of

I know you folks have been noticing the WUBN getting really spars lately. I have definitely felt it. Two, three(?) years of collecting newsworthy things and putting up a daily mention kind of wears on you. What with a pandemic and a job change, it’s only gotten worse. I’ll still be writing for OBNUG but just need a break from the WUBN. I appreciate all your readership and look forward to a more “relaxed” writing schedule.


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