Sears over Bachmeier says PFF. Also, BSU QB Rankings

These guys have the right idea. I say Sears all the way. I currently have zero confidence in Bachmeier.

For greater word count, here's my ranked list of BSU QBs who have started games since year 2000. Based on how they performed in those games and based on their cumulative successes as QBs at Boise State. I think Jack Sears is a better QB than Southwick and Henderson, but he only played (albeit brilliantly) in one game of relatively low importance. I'm hoping that Sears will win the gig and be better than Rypien. I think Rypien was a good college qb, but I think we need better to reach the levels we're looking for.

I'm probably forgetting one or two players but here it goes.

1 Kellen Moore

2. Ryan Dinwiddie

3. Jared Zabransky

4. Bart Hendricks

5. Grant Hedrick

6. Brett Rypien

7. Taylor Tharpe

8. Jaylon Henderson

9. Joe Southwick

10. Jack Sears

11. Hank Bachmeier

12. Chase Cord

13. Montell Cozart

14. Ryan Finley

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