Yahoo Sports Reporting a 12-Team CFB Playoff is in Serious Discussion

Here's the full article :

A few highlights if you don't want to read it all (and to fill the word count requirement)

  • Here's how it would play out: 5 automatic bids for the Power 5 champs, highest ranked Group of 5, and 6 at-large. Top four teams would likely get a bye.
    • '"The reason that you go to 12 is because you can develop the road of least resistance toward a good result," said a high-ranking college official with knowledge of the process.'
    • Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson is part of a four-member committee that has spent the last two years studying the implications of expansion. They will present their findings July 17-18 in Chicago
    • They haven't reportedly examined the financial implications of TV deals that would come with this, though most people would agree that it would be in favor of a playoff expansion
    • "I do believe they’ve looked at all kinds of different things," said an industry source. "But I haven’t even heard an option B discussed in any detail."

    Personally I think 12 teams would be awesome. The only arguments I've heard against expansion are people complaining about what if they "expand it wrong". So basically they just don't want to put in the effort to change things.

    Anyway, thoughts?

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