It still has to go through all the approval processes and likely wont take place for at least another year or two but the Group of 5 Conferences along with the help of MWC commissioner Craig Thompson may have just found themselves a spot (or 2) in the college football playoff!!!

Today a sub-group of the CFP management committee (of which Craig Thompson is on) presented a proposal for a 12 team playoff. The proposal calls for the bracket to include the SIX highest ranked conference champions regardless of conference, plus the six highest ranked remaining teams as determined by the CFP selection committee. NO conference would qualify automatically and there would be no limit to the number of participants from a conference.

the 4 highest ranked conference champions would be seeded 1-4 and would receive a 1st round bye. while teams seeded 5-12 would play in the 1st round on the home field of the higher seeded team. The quarterfinals and semifinals would be played in bowl games with the national title being held on a neutral site field.


With no automatic qualifiers and 6 highest ranked conference champions this essentially guarantees a G5 team a spot in the playoffs! It could even mean 2 or 3 G5 teams could get in in a single year. Take 2020 for example, The 12 team field would have included:

1 Alabama *

2. Clemson *

3. Ohio State *

4. Cincinnati *

5. Oklahoma *

6. Coastal Carolina *

7. Notre Dame

8. Texas A&M

9. Iowa State

10. Florida

11. Georgia

12. Indiana

Not only would it have included all top 12 teams it would have included 2 G5 teams with Cincy getting a 1st round bye!

Week one would look something like this:

5 Oklahoma vs 12 Indiana

6 Coastal Carolina vs 11 Georgia

7 Notre Dame vs 10 Florida

8 A&M vs 9 Iowa State

These would all be really fun games to watch last year especially to see CCU take on Georgia!

Round 2 could look something like:

1 Bama vs 5 Oklahoma

2 Clemson vs 6 Coastal Carolina

3 Ohio State vs 10 Florida

4 Cincy vs 8 A&M

Round 3:

1 Bama vs 3 Ohio State

2 Clemson vs 4 Cincy

Lets hope this happens!!

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