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Boise State Roster Countdown 2021: Day 97, Keeghan Freeborn

Boise State v Virginia Tech Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images

Thanks to some “fluid” scheduling, we are already down to 97 days left in our countdown. It’s still a pretty big number though, and a big number requires a big man—Keeghan Freeborn

#97, Keeghan Freeborn, Junior, NT


Height: 6’1”

Weight: 325 lbs.

High School: Rocky Mountain High School, Meridian, ID

How’d he get to The BlueTM?

Well, he won’t have to go far, that’s for sure...unless he wants to swing through Melba on the way to Albertsons Stadium. Freeborn was a big local commit for the Broncos and a darn big commit in general. He was a two-time 5A All-Idaho honoree on the offensive line and as a senior was recognized by the Southern Idaho Conference as a first-team O-lineman. As a sophomore and junior, Freeborn found himself on the all-conference team, as honorable mention and second-team, respectively. Rated the number 4 prospect in the state as a senior, Freeborn held offers from Air Force (how you gonna fit in the cockpit, bro?), Hawaii, Idaho, Montana State, and Weber State, and thankfully chose his hometown Broncos.


”Big McLargehuge”

I’ll admit, I just watched Mystery Science Theater 3000


Former Boise State tackle Chase Baker

Career highlights

Led team in tackles against father’s alma mater (Air Force) in 2020 before injury slowed his season down to a crawl (or limp). Made 3 game appearances in 2019. As a prep, named first-team 5A All-Idaho as an offensive lineman his junior and senior seasons. 5A All-SIC first teamer as a senior O-lineman.

2021 Prospectus

Freeborn was gaining up a head of steam in 2020 before injury slowed his roll and I’m hoping that was a preview of things to come (the good part, not the injury). Freeborn has fully embraced that nose tackle life and is settling into Mike Atkinson bowling ball territory. If he can command double teams like his Canadian forbear did, all the better. You know how we love our local heroes on The Blue, so it’d be really amazing if the next great NT at BSU ended up being from just up the road. Any way it’s sliced, however, many (myself included) think the D-line will be a major strength of the Bronco team this year and they’ve finally got some great depth to go along with solid talent...last year showed just how important that can be.

It was just a few years ago that Bronco fans lamented the absence of a true they’ve got Scale Igiehon, Divine Obichere, Freeborn, and Herbert Gums...and Gums is the “little” guy at a svelte 282. With big-bodied DTs like Scott Matlock, Jackson Cravens, and Michael Callahan...the beef in the middle of the line would make an O’brady blush. Freeborn should be in line (no, pun intended) for a breakout year (perhaps a Super Breakout year) and the power in the middle should free up the rest of the defense to go get the ball back (not a strong suit of late). Let’s go, big fella!

Is he on Twitter?

He is (@Kfreebs67) but not much of a tweeter, so rather than embed one of his RTs, how about a pic of him putting some SERIOUS bend on this bar?

Completely made up fact

Freeborn started a small contracting company during the offseason. Here’s some footage of him during a recent renovation.